HI-Def Holi!


Recorded workshop in English.
Duration, 2 hours.

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This class has the Hindu festival called Holi as sourse of inspiration where Zentangle meet Indian designs found in their interiors and textiles..

• You will learn how to create a tile using specific tangles to get an Indian feeling .
• On top of the  tangles we will add a splash of watercolours to symbolize the coloured powders thrown in Holi.
• In this class we are going to use a white Phi tile size 13 x 8 cm and 3 normals tiles 9 × 9 cm.
• We will prepare 4 tiles in class but with a list of tangles that you  will receive after class, you will be able to continue enjoying these designs for a long time and discover their possibilities even after class!
•After the live class online I will send you the video together with a file with information from the workshop.,


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