DCI-II Art Journaling with Zentangle



– You will learn techniques to create backgrounds with water colours.
– We will work with tangles that work well and are suitable for this type of project.
– I will give you challenges and «homework» after each class so you can continue exploring on your own and create your own pages.
– I will send you a PDF with the tangles we use in class and a list of tangles for your homework.
– You will also learn two ways how to bind your own journals.



– I would love for you to discover that your art journal can be your refuge to disconnect and relax.
– With your journal you can silence the critical voice and the judgments within you and thus find inner silence.
– You will discover that in this inner silence new ideas arise that will help you feel dynamic and also to be more productive.
– You will always have a tool close to combat creative blocks and find new inspiration and a more creative thinking.
– Enjoy the process and have a good time infusing a bit of art and mindfulness into your life!!


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